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“Mr. Potemkin, a few days ago you published information about the first global infrastructural project EuRICAA on your homepage in Russian, English, German and Spanish. People can also read about the project on Facebook, where it is accessible to a wide range of readers. How are Internet users responding, has anyone expressed an opinion yet?

“Since the project aims to unify the people of the planet, I am naturally interested in how ordinary citizens of different countries will respond to it. Will they criticize it or applaud it for its bold, progressive thinking? The American audience seems to be showing the greatest interest (as of today the EuRICAA post has had 200,000 views), followed by Russian speakers, while German are fewer, but they are making some thoughtful comments. Latin Americans are excited about the idea of building a 70,000-km-long international highway. A Latin American company engaged in underwater work has even suggested holding a tender—since the project envisages building an underwater tunnel connecting Africa and Eurasia (Tarifa-Tangier). It seems to me that people on all continents understand the need for such global projects that will change their lives for the better and open up new prospects. The future indeed begins here.

About the project EURICAA read on Prointellekt and Facebook as of16.07.201810:00
Being prepared for publication translations of the draft EURICAA Chinese, Arabic, Japanese.
Translations into Portuguese, Korean, Polish, French, Italian are being prepared.
Total number of readers in 4 languages
16.07.2018 - 425 648
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14.07.2018 - 400 386
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