USA, do not provoke the world

A vibrant speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018

Alexander Potemkin,  2 March at 13:42 0 694

Mr. Sipher, I recommend that you read Putin's address to the Federal Assembly, which he delivered on March 1, 2018. Responding to your statement of June 28, 2017, I am calling on you to reflect and take part in the nuclear disarmament program. I am a European. Europe is overflowing with nuclear bombs. Remove the most dangerous weapon from the cradle of civilization, do not be indifferent! I appeal to you again - listen to the words of the Russian president. The world does not need war.

60 Minutes, 28.06.2017, beginning from the 24:45-minute mark

“The U.S. and Russia have fundamentally conflicting views of the world and their place in it. Even in the area of terrorism, there is only a narrow intersection of interests. Ultimately, working together on anything of value takes trust. Even if we have a shared enemy, it is hard to see how the U.S. can work effectively with a country bent on destroying the U.S.-led world order. It may be worth a try, but watch out you don’t lose your face.”

JOHN SIPHER, former member of the CIA


Dear Mr. Sipher,

            After hearing what you say, I am convinced that your unassailable narrow-mindedness—and there are many people like you in America—will lead to humanity’s destruction. However, not all is lost, since you appear to be a very intelligent man capable of taking sober stock of the situation. I would like to do my part by sharing with you some elementary facts that I hope will bring you, and other Americans like you, back down to earth, thus saving humanity from ultimate disaster.

What is U.S-led world order?

I hope it is not schizophrenia or a paranoid disorder. Americans can say “American world order,” Indians call it “Indian world order,” Germans “German world order,” the Chinese “Chinese world order,” and the Russians “Russian world order.” Only by cooperating and not infringing upon each other, can nations can draw up rules for international communication and create a planetary world order. Any other form of order can and should only be national. So the U.S.’s desire to impose its own “planetary” world order on the Russians, Chinese, Germans, or any other nation, can only be described as the product of a sick imagination. What is “U.S.-led world order?” What does Russia, China, India, Pakistan, or any other country, have to do with “U.S.-led world order?” Let’s take a look at history and recall the Roman Empire’s world order. It emerged more than two thousand years ago. And you are probably aware of how it all ended. If not, I will remind you. If you are ever in Rome, take note of the large shield in front of the Colosseum depicting the map of the Roman Empire: in the first century B.C. it covered half the world, while by the fifth century A.D., it had shrunk to a small dot the size of a one-dollar coin. If that is not sobering enough for you when talking about U.S.-led world order, I will enlighten you further.

There are three countries in the world today on which humanity’s future depends—they are the U.S., Russia and China.

China can be factored out from the very beginning. It is a wise, consolidated power that does not want to participate in any conflicts. It watches the first and second powers, hoping and almost certain that they will destroy each other, leaving China to rule the world. But you do not attack China with the same aggressiveness as you attack Russia. This is because strategists understand that simultaneous attacks on China and Russia would be disastrous for you. You, the members of Congress and the Senate, the media, and many of your political leaders have recently been making very aggressive statements about Russia—sanctions, more sanctions, threats, military and financial threats, lies, crude lies, fakes. To engage in this kind of behavior with respect to a country that has a superiority in nuclear weapons, state-of-the-art communication means, space forces, and missiles that American antiaircraft defenses are incapable of neutralizing is stupid to say the least. And for intelligent people, it is not only impermissibly stupid, it is insanity.

Revolutions in the U.S., Russia and other countries of the world began when life became intolerable for their people, when people thought it preferable to die than to go on living in their current nightmarish circumstances. Your sanctions, your rhetoric, your paranoid aggressiveness could drive Russians to such a state where they are compelled to demand America’s destruction. Rebellious sentiments will erupt. Either us or them. And there will be war.

Do you know the destructive force of a 100-megaton bomb? If not, I will tell you. It will destroy an area of 500 square kilometers, turning everything to ashes and causing immense damage and raging fires in another 200-square-kilometer area. It will take five, or at most seven, such bombs to destroy America, wiping both the American state and the North American continent from the face of earth. This territory will be made unfit for habitation. Plutonium 239 radiation will poison and kill all living things for many hundreds and thousands of years to come.

At least 15 bombs of the same force will be needed to destroy Russia. And they will not only will destroy Russia, but Europe, the north of China, Korea, Japan, the Central Asian countries, Iran and India, too. Is this what you want? You want us to destroy each other? This reeks of misanthropy. So I suggest that you start going to church, or to a synagogue or mosque, visit the U.S. Library of Congress, read Faulkner, Hemingway, Salinger, engage in science. Spiritual pursuits will distract you from this misanthropy. Or best of all, fall in love! You probably don’t love your wife and children. A person who sincerely loves his family and is concerned for their safety cannot think the way you do.

If the way you think gains leverage in the world, it is easy to imagine the emergence of a new nuclear power that will impose its vision of world order on humanity. It will also demand that every country that keeps its capital, gold, shares, and other financial assets in the U.S. return those assets to the owner-country. And if it refuses, it will be the target of a nuclear attack. It stands to reason that America will not protect such a country. And what if there are 20-30 countries like this? That will mean the destruction of the planet.

But that is your style—demanding, imposing, and wielding political, economic and military power.

During the G-20 summit, I was in Hamburg. What particularly irked me? I noticed that the politicians did everything to purge the human heart of any feelings of charity and compassion. Perhaps this is because Christian churches are ceasing to exist in America and West Europe? And the fact that 500 churches have closed in London over the last 10 years is only confirmation that people today have no high moral values. The aggressiveness expressed by members of the protest movement overstepped all boundaries. Not dozens, but hundreds of thousands of people have lost all human semblance. Is this the tolerant society that is promoting an American lifestyle?

Another small, but glaring fact bewildered me. This was President Trump’s first visit to his historical homeland—Germany (his grandfather and grandmother on his father’s side were Germans). And according to general statistics, more than 15% of the people who settled in America are of German descent—they comprise one of the largest ethnic groups in the U.S. When Trump arrived in Germany, he did not see fit to say a few respectful words about his historical ethnicity, which has done so much for the development of civilization, nor did he find the opportunity to greet the German people in their language. The indifference and cynicism characteristic of the American system are incompatible with the U.S.’s so-called peacekeeping policy advocated by the international media.

Mr. John Sipher, if you are single, I highly recommend that you marry a young Russian woman. Russian women are wise, talented, and beautiful and are guaranteed to fill your heart with benevolence. Then your aggressive worldview will vanish without a trace. You will love America and the American people, and you will trust them. And you will see the whole world as a community of friendly nations and countries.

If American newspapers publish this letter, it will open the American public’s eyes to their politicians and invigorate the anti-war movement, and not only in the U.S., but throughout the entire world. Our world is very fragile. Climate change alone has wiped out thousands of living organisms throughout the history of the universe and our planet. Radioactive contamination will change both the climate and the human habitat. It will become unfit for human habitation.

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